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Business Continuity in a Non-Stop World

Why Traditional Methods Might Not Be Enough
14 April, 2015  | London, UK


A Blueprint for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, to help you:

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14 April, 2015 | London, UK
The Charing Cross Hotel



"The presenter was very knowledgeable on the subject. A lot of good information presented in an entertaining manner."

Kenny P., Systems Engineer, The Vanguard Group, Inc.

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Seminar Overview

Keeping your new technology initiative from becoming a disaster

"Jon was an excellent speaker. Knowledgeable, humorous and entertaining."

Millard J.
Data Center Recovery Specialist, Siemens Medical Solutions

"Very honest, vendor agnostic and thought provoking."

Daniel S.
IT Manager, Bancrofts Schools

Despite the hype around software-defined and cloud-centric data centres, the need to preserve and protect data and ensure the continuity of key business processes has never been greater. Yet the process of choosing a disaster recovery (DR) solution can be daunting. Here to help sift through the hype is the all-new seminar: Business Continuity in a Non-Stop World, led by disaster recovery and business continuity planning expert Jon Toigo. Join us for an in-depth look at the capabilities, limitations and promises of the latest disaster prevention and recovery tools and memes on the market.

In just one half-day out of the office, you come away with an action plan to build a business continuity and disaster recovery strategy that will protect your data and keep your company up and running through interruptions of any kind.

During Part 1 of the seminar, we’ll dive deep into the core elements of the disaster recovery and business continuity process:  the protection, preservation, and privacy of the data itself.  As traditional backup vendors struggle to reinvent their data copy approaches, and as security vendors seek to find ways to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to and disclosure/corruption of data assets, the volume of data being created continues to increase at an unprecedented rate. Every organization has different requirements around what applications and data are critical and there are multiple dimensions that must be considered and addressed.

During Part 2 of the seminar, you will evaluate the strategies and technologies that are currently being promoted by the industry to enable operational continuity in the wake of a disaster.  The rise of the software-defined datacentre has been accompanied by the emergence of the myth that there is no need for disaster recovery provision, and that clustering and high availability can take its place. This session will feature a “sanity check” on what new infrastructure models stand up to real world disaster avoidance and disaster survivability when the worst case scenario occurs. 

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