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No More Excuses - Building a Modern DR Plan That Works


Take advantage of better, cheaper replication solutions, mature virtual environments, and cloud services in order to:

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"As a result of this seminar, we are actually seeing people get promoted. Not a guarantee...but we are teaching people a process to manage their infrastructure better."

George Crump, Seminar Leader, Storage Switzerland

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Seminar Overview

Disaster Recovery has Changed, Are You Ready?

"The information is easily explained and it's not theory based, it deals with use cases."

Ken H.
Data Retention, Bloomberg

"This seminar was instructional and vendor presentations help to shorten a decision process for future projects."

Ahmed T.
Systems Admin, Comcast Corporation

Disaster recovery has fundamentally changed. There are new types of disasters to deal with, including cyber-attacks, and there are new levels of recovery expectations on the part of users and application owners. Join Storage Switzerland founder and lead analyst, George Crump for an interactive workshop, "No More Excuses - Building a Modern Disaster Recovery Plan That Works" presented by Storage Decisions.

Creating, implementing and executing a disaster recovery (DR) plan is no longer costly and complex. Times have changed, and numerous new solutions exist to take your DR project plan off the whiteboard and into existence. Plus, a modern DR plan doesn't need to sit idle until an actual disaster; it can support other processes in the data center, making it more valuable and cost effective.

Modernizing DR is a business imperative.

IT professionals, such as yourself, must contend with traditional DR concerns over a server, storage system or data center outage, but you now need to plan for recovery from new challenges like a cyber-attack or cloud failure. Regardless of the type of disaster customers, users and executives have zero patience for an extended outage. They no longer expect to wait for days or weeks for completion of the recovery process. Instead, they want full access to mission critical applications within hours.

The good news is that there is a new set of tools and applications available to help IT professionals to meet these new DR challenges head-on, including improved backup and replication solutions as well as the cloud. The problem is deciding which of these tools to use and how to implement them. Attend this workshop and join George Crump, Founder and Lead Analyst at Storage Switzerland, for Storage Decision's new workshop where you will learn about real world tactics and the best tools for solving today's DR challenges –and return to the office with a DR outline for your major applications to implement immediately.

Registration is FREE for qualified IT professionals

Our recipe is simple; only true IT pros working in the trenches - your true peers - will gain access to ensure an educational event. Attendees range from Systems Specialists, Database Administrators and Network Planners, to Directors and Senior Disaster Recovery Analysts - don't miss this chance to network and sanity-check your projects with this exclusive group, as well as get your product questions answered directly from the source - our vendors are available throughout the event.


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