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Over the past few years, we’ve all been impacted by the increased scrutiny of budgets, resources, and storage practices. But, the need for your storage operations to perform more efficiently, economically and reliably only continues to grow. Storage Decisions seminars offer the training you need – from the independent experts you trust – all at a price that we can all agree to: FREE. Our seminars will not only enhance your skill set, but also satisfy your organization’s technical requirements and business demands.

In condensed one-day and half-day formats, our seminars are an effective supplement to our flagship, multi-day conferences. Designed to facilitate education, peer-to-peer networking, and vendor interaction, they deliver a level of practical and technical information that storage pros can apply immediately upon returning to the office.

Each of our seminar series drill-down on just one topic – allowing our independent experts to dive deep into the issues – leaving you with actionable advice, technical take-a-ways, and unbiased tips that will enable you to successfully complete existing projects, kick-start new technology roll-outs, easily navigate the vendor landscape and make more informed purchasing decisions.

Attend these seminars right in your backyard and return to the office with expert tips to help you face both the technical and tactical challenges of your environment.

Featured speakers

Howard Marks Howard Marks Bio
Founder and Chief Scientist
Jon Toigo Jon William Toigo Bio
CEO and Managing Principal
Toigo Partners International;
Chairman, Data Management Institute

Building Storage Systems to Support Virtual Environments
with Howard Marks

Virtualized servers and virtual desktops offer economies, flexible scaling, resilience and many other benefits – but what they don't do is make storage easier. While networked storage is an essential element of a virtualized infrastructure, most traditional storage systems are ill equipped to deal with the fluctuating throughput, highly random writes/reads, high IOPS demands and latency issues.

Building Storage Systems to Support Virtual Environments is a free, half-day seminar keynoted by independent expert Howard Marks. During his two presentations, Howard will explore the storage challenges of virtual environments in 2013, and present new tools, technologies and best practices for storage to better support virtual servers and desktops.

Some of the topics that will be addressed include:

  • Which storage works best for virtual environments—NAS, iSCSI, FC?
  • Data protection for virtual servers and virtualized desktops, including replication, snapshotting and other backup techniques; what backup apps designed specifically for virtual servers do that your backup app can't
  • Boot storms, anti-virus scans and other events that can drain your storage system's performance and cripple virtualized systems
  • Virtualizing storage for easier management and capacity efficiency
  • How to leverage hypervisor/storage management integration, including discussions of Microsoft Server 2012/Hyper-V 3 and VMware VAAI (vStorage API for Array Integration)
  • Strategic use of solid-state storage to enhance storage responsiveness
  • How dedupe and thin provisioning work in a virtual server or virtual desktop environment and what you should look out for
  • Storage systems designed specifically for virtual environments—what makes them different, are they really better, do you sacrifice anything...?

Visit the seminar homepage for complete program details, including the full agenda, speaker bio and much more!


Dates and locations

Tue. Dec. 10 Los Angeles, CA
Hilton Los Angeles Airport

*PLEASE NOTE: Attendance is limited to the first 50 qualified IT pros to sign up in each city

Thurs. Feb. 28 San Jose, CA*
Thurs. Apr. 11 Vancouver, BC
Thurs. Apr. 18 London, UK
Tue. May 14 New York, NY*
Thurs. Sept. 26 Toronto, ON
Tue. Nov. 19 Washington, DC

The New Rules of Backup & Data Protection with Jon Toigo

The challenges of protecting your company's data are greater than ever as traditional data center architectures shift to newer models defined by virtualization, cloud-based services and extended mobility. At the core of this redefinition of our data center environments is the relentless growth in the data that's created, used and retained.

The challenge is to create a data protection strategy that works to reduce risk of catastrophic loss, corruption and disclosure, using the right technologies, and that is sustainable over time.  That’s where this seminar comes in. 

Brand new for 2013, The New Rules of Backup and Data Protection combines two of our most popular seminars (Next-Gen Backup School & Disaster Recovery for the 21st Century) into one full-day educational experience! Attendees can get all the info they need on the tools and best practices that will bring their data backup and disaster recovery plans to the next level.

This free, full-day seminar features data protection guru and world-renowned expert, Jon Toigo, as he walks you through each of the key challenges and offers technical and practical solutions that will help you build a comprehensive and flexible data protection strategy for both backup and business continuity.

Some of the topics that will be addressed include:

  • New tools and techniques for backing up virtual servers and virtual desktops
  • How to ensure that data on endpoint devices is protected
  • When and where to use cloud backup services
  • Backing up remote/branch offices
  • Integrating cloud backup services with on-premise backup environments
  • How to leverage cloud DR for near-instantaneous recoveries
  • Low-cost, highly effective data replication techniques
  • How server and storage virtualization can make DR easier
  • DR preparedness – how to test and monitor recovery plans
  • Change management, runbooks and other necessary disaster recovery plan documentation
  • Tape's role in backup and DR

Visit the seminar homepage for complete program details, including the full agenda, speaker bio and much more!

Dates and locations

Tue. Nov. 26 London, UK
Hyatt Regency - The Churchill
Thurs. Dec. 12 New York, NY
Westin New York Times Square

*PLEASE NOTE: Attendance is limited to the first 75 qualified IT pros to sign up in each city

Tue. Feb. 26 Toronto, ON
Thurs. Mar. 14 Los Angeles, CA
Tue. Mar. 26 Philadelphia, PA
Tue. Apr. 9 Atlanta, GA
Thurs. Apr. 11 Dallas, TX
Tue. Jun. 18 Seattle, WA
Thurs. Jun. 20 San Francisco, CA
Tue. Jun. 25 San Diego, CA
Thurs. Jul. 25 Washington, DC
Thurs. Aug. 8 Boston, MA
Tue. Sept. 24 Chicago, IL
Thurs. Sept. 26 Minneapolis, MN
Thurs. Oct. 17 Denver, CO

Pairing New and Traditional Tools for Effective Disaster Recovery
with Jon William Toigo

For one day only: Jon Toigo presents a two part synopsis of the recovery planning challenge.

For many IT professionals, the tasks of data protection and business continuity planning are doubly discouraging. Typically underfunded and understaffed, planning requires an investment of sweat equity just to build a business value case that can be presented to the front office. If successful, the second challenge of planning is to sift through hype and misinformation to develop solid strategies that make technical sense, meet recovery objectives, and are sustainable in the face of almost constant change.

This full-day seminar builds on the experience of independent expert - Jon William Toigo - as he puts a Les Miserables spin on business continuity planning. Jon routinely supports the development of business continuity and disaster recovery plans in hundreds of organizations, large and small.

Some of the topics that will be addressed include:

  • Immutable rules of disaster recovery planning
  • How recovery objectives are defined
  • Elements of a business case for continuity planning
  • Requirements for disaster prevention
  • Recovery techniques and how to select the right one
  • Virtualization, clouds, software-defined X, and X-as-a-service memes
  • The acid test: validating plans and spotting gaps without breaking the budget

Visit the seminar homepage for complete program details, including the full agenda, speaker bio and much more!

Dates and locations

Thurs. Sept. 19 London, UK
Hyatt Regency - The Churchill

Top 5 reasons to attend

  1. Sessions tailored to your level of expertise and targeted to meet the demands of today's storage-focused IT professional.
  2. Trusted information from independent experts who bring a vendor-neutral perspective and no hidden agendas to the information they present.
  3. Network with your peers and learn that you're not alone. Only qualified IT pros are granted access, so you're guaranteed to meet your true peers. Expand your professional network, sanity-check your projects, and share best practices in an atmosphere conducive to collaboration and idea-exchange.
  4. No pie in the sky theories or far-flung predictions. Our experts present only relevant information that you can put to use immediately.
  5. Ease the pain of buying storage. With the top vendors under one roof, attendees make the comparison themselves in minutes by talking to reps, learning everything they need to know from a qualified person.

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