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SSDs and Storage Efficiency 101


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Now that the price of solid-state technology has dropped dramatically, flash storage arrays have finally become a realistic option. And although it has been well-documented that SSDs have improved performance and reliability resulting in maximum efficiency, does this mean you should drop your HDD and make the transition to solid state? Not so fast.

Enroll in this classroom today to learn about the latest developments in SSD and get advice on how to deploy new storage trends to your organization with maximum efficiency. Topics include:

  • How all-flash arrays stack up against hybrid arrays
  • Flash technology that vendors are employing today
  • How caching and automated tiering increase storage efficiency
  • Advantages of HDDs vs. SSDs and how to combine them
  • The SAS and MLC: drives of the future
  • And much more
Dennis Martin
Founder and President
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Virtual Server Backup Part II - Advanced Topics


Featuring lessons from

Virtualization adds a new twist to the challenge of data protection. The good news is that there are tools designed specifically for these types of environments, but you need to know how to properly evaluate and integrate them into your larger backup strategies.

Enroll in this classroom today to learn about the latest approaches to VM data protection and gain tips to help you determine the best tools and tactics for your business. Topics include:

  • Benefits and best practices for using CDP in a virtual environment
  • 3 Critical steps for evaluating virtual server backup products
  • 4 Areas to assess in your environment before choosing a product
  • 12 Features to look for in a VM backup solution
  • Virtual server backup fundamentals
  • And much more
Howard Marks
Founder and Chief Scientist
DeepStorage LLC
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Top 5 reasons to attend

  1. Invaluable education without ever leaving the office; Storage Decisions University takes place online and allows you to receive practical, independent expert advice from the convenience of your desk.
  2. 24/7x365 access; Don’t have time for a classroom right now? Our online environment is available all day, every day, and you can attend whenever it’s most convenient for you.
  3. Build on what you’ve learned at a Storage Decisions live event; There’s no replacing the kind of education you’ll receive at one of our live seminars, conferences or dinners. But if you’re looking to expand on the knowledge you’ve gained at one of these events – or if you were unable to make it out of the office to attend the first time around – Storage Decisions University can help fill this gap.
  4. Access to a wealth of exclusive downloads, podcasts, videos and more; Beyond just the expert lessons, each classroom features a variety of educational resources – from research reports to product demos – available at your leisure and serve as each classroom’s “extra credit”.
  5. Quick and easy-to-access classrooms and lessons; Don’t be deterred by the name – Storage Decisions University won’t take you a semester’s worth of cramming to complete. Each classroom is designed to allow you to quickly navigate easily from lesson-to-lesson, without cutting into your busy schedule.

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